Welcome to Deer Park R/C Flyers!

We  are hobbyists who enjoy flying radio controlled planes and helicopters. A radio-controlled model airplane field is located at Matthiessen State Park at the Vermilion River Area.
Hobbyists and visitors will enjoy flying or watching as these crafts are maneuvered around this open field area.
The field is on Matthiessen State Park property, but the field is totally maintained by Deer Park R/C Flyers (cutting grass, installing runway, general maintenance of picnic tables,  shelter, and surrounding area).

You can also visit us on Facebook at:


There are also other local clubs:


  1. Hi, me and my yellow lab like to play fetch occasionally at your airfield. I like to make a donation to the maintenance fund . How do I do so?
    Mark Jones and Abby the Labby

    1. Many apologies for no answer for so long – we are happy that you find some time to use the field for other purposes as well.

      We generally discourage any other uses that might cause damage to the grass, but cant see your lab doing much harm unless he’s the size of a horse

      If you are still interested in helping us maintain the field, please let me know.

  2. Hi! Sean here. Just wondering what the requirments are to fly in your field. Is there a membership?

    1. For insurance purposes and also for safety, we require AMA membership, which pretty much everyone has if you are flying R/C, in order to use the field.

      We also would certainly welcome you if you would like to join the club – dues are $40 a year and mainly go to upkeep of the field, keeping it nice , mowed frequently, and maintenance of the area.

      If you are interesting in joining, please me know.. we have meetings every month on i believe every 2nd Wednesdays at the field.

    1. Some of us are at the flying field mornings and late afternoons.

      Club meetings are usually the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at Duffy’s in Utica if weather is bad or winter, and at the field in the summer.

  3. Could you let me know the dates you fly at depute lake. I belong to Washington Flyers, and would like to get a group together to see you fly off the water. Thank you. Ronald Ghighi

    1. Ronald:
      According to the last minutes I have, the IVRC August Float fly participation is under review and Dave Duffey will contact the club for information on participation expenses and will be reviewed next meeting.

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